Community Corrections

What is Community Corrections?

Community Corrections is an alternative sentencing option that allows participants to serve a consequence in the community rather than being incarcerated in jail or prison. It is designed to deliver evidence-based services to participants so they can learn how to live a crime-free lifestyle. This includes offering a wide variety of assessments to determine risk and needs, developing case plans to set goals and outline program requirements, referring participants to the appropriate programming based upon the assessments, and monitoring the progress of those programs.

The case manager works as a liaison between the participant, partner agencies, and the Court system. Case managers work with the participant to promote pro-social change using a variety of motivational tools and techniques. The type of sentence, participant need, or participant behavior may determine which component of Community Corrections will be utilized. Some of those components are Day Reporting, Home Detention and JCATT.

It is our hope that participants take the opportunity the Courts have given them and decide to make positive changes in their lives. We are confident, and research has shown, that if participants complete the recommended treatment programs, they will have the tools needed to succeed in the future.