On / Off Monitor

When a participant is on electronic monitoring, the Case Manager monitors the participant's progress toward the case plan and supervises the participant's whereabouts. If the participant is in compliance with his case plan and has not committed any technical or new violations, they will be allowed to change levels with a gradual increase of free time until they eventually earn their way off monitor (usually around 8 to 10 months).

Maximum Amount of Days on Monitor

In circumstances where the Court has ordered a maximum number of days on monitor, the same process will apply but the participant will be removed from monitor when the maximum number of days have been satisfied. The participant can be taken off early if in compliance with the case plan.

Off Monitor

Once the participant is off monitor, the case manager continues to supervise the participant bi-weekly or monthly for a few months until the participant seems stable enough (by completing the goals and objectives of the case plan) to move to regular Probation supervision.

Violating on Regular Probation Supervision

If the participant violates while on regular probation supervision, the Probation Officer sends the participant back to Community Corrections for staffing and re-evaluation of risk and needs. This may result in the participant being placed back on monitor and referred to programming as an Administrative sanction, referred to In-patient treatment, or having a petition to revoke filed.