Day Reporting

Target Population

Moderate to High risk adult males and females who have been convicted of non-violent felonies (according to IC 11-12-3.7-6). Individuals can be placed with Community Corrections for execution of a suspended sentence or as a condition of probation. Day Reporting can be with or without electronic monitoring depending upon the Court order and/or the participant’s risk and/or behaviors.

Day Reporting Component Services

Participants are given a realm of assessments to determine risks and needs, and a case plan is developed. 

The case plan targets criminogenic needs and includes addressing: 

  • Anti-social attitudes, beliefs, behaviors and personality
  • Peer issues
  • Education needs
  • Employment needs
  • Family issues
  • Leisure activities
  • Neighborhood issues
  • Substance abuse issues

Once the case plan is developed, the case manager refers the participant to the appropriate agencies for services and programming. The case manager establishes a communication network among the participant, the treatment providers and the Court. They meet regularly with the participant to monitor the participant's progress toward completion of the case plan, assist the participant with (among other things) problem solving strategies, role playing practice in implementation of new behaviors, and evaluation of motivation to change.

Programs and Services

The Court Services - Programs and Services Page details the array of services available.