Community Corrections Advisory Board


  • The Honorable Michael Hensley, President, Superior Court Judge
  • The Honorable Donald J. Mote, Vice President, Circuit Court Judge 
  • Julie Mitchell, Secretary, Chief Probation Officer
  • Chris Shelton, County Council
  • Gary Keith, Division of Child Services   
  • Renee Johnson, Mental Health Representative
  • Angela Vaughn, Education
  • David Sutter, Jefferson County Prosecutor
  • David Thomas, Jefferson County Sheriff
  • Damon Welch, Mayor of Madison
  • Ashley Eklund, Public Defender
  • Sara Minor, Victim
  • Jasmine Mardello, Ex-offender
  • Tonya Ruble-Richter, CASA representative
  • Sheila Coffin
  • Jeremy Perkins, Madison Police Chief
  • Denise Leske
  • Julie Wattenbarger


Under IC 11-12-2-2 Community Correction falls under county government and is overseen by an Advisory Board. The Advisory Board meets on a regular basis and approves community correction grants, budgets and policy and procedures