Tax Warrants

The Sheriff of the county is tasked with assisting in the collection of monies owed to the Indiana Department of Revenue through a process of Tax Warrants. A Tax Warrant is not an arrest warrant. Instead, this is a chance to make voluntary restitution for taxes owed. Tax Warrants are issued by written letter, never by telephone. If you receive a written Tax Warrant, follow these steps.

Tax Warrant Instructions

  1. If you are disputing the amount owed, call the Department of Revenue at 317-232-2165. Do not call the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office as this agency has nothing to do with setting the amount of taxes owed.
  2. A monthly payment plan must be set up. If the State does not receive notification that a payment plan has been established and is being met, the State can recall the Tax Warrant and move on to other collection methods.
  3. Set up a payment plan by calling 812-265-8900, ext. 2105.
    • Leave a message with the following information:
      • Your name (please spell your name on your message)
      • Tax Warrant Number (located in the upper right corner of the Tax Warrant)
      • Your telephone number(s) (please repeat each phone number twice)
      • The amount you will pay each month
    • You have up to 12 months from the date of issuance of the tax warrant to pay so long as monthly payments are being made.
    • We request a 20% down payment of the total amount owed.
    • Once your payment information is received, the State will be notified of your intention to meet the tax obligation.
  4. Once a payment plan is arranged, you must contact the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office at 812-265-8900, ext. 2105 if you temporarily cannot meet the payment plan. The payment plan has room for flexibility at the discretion of this agency and we will work with you to meet your tax obligation.
  5. The Tax Warrant system at the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office can be very overloaded. When you leave a message, please be patient if you requested a return phone call. Calls will be returned as soon as possible but only if a return phone call is requested in the message.

Tax Warrant Payment Methods

  • Mail - Payable to:
    Jefferson County Sheriff's Office
    317 Walnut Street
    Madison, IN 47250
  • Money Order - Write the Tax Warrant Number on the document.
  • Cashiers Check - Write the Tax Warrant Number on the document.
  • Cash - Cash is accepted only if paid in person at the Administrative Office of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office
    Monday to Friday
    8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Note on Tax Warrants Frauds & Scams

A Tax Warrant is not an arrest warrant. A widespread scam is receiving a phone call threatening the victim with arrest if a Tax Warrant is not paid. Pressure is usually placed for immediate payment by prepaid credit card or wire transfer. Caller ID may show the phone call originating from the Sheriff's Office or other governmental agency. Once a wire transfer or prepaid credit card payment is sent, it is almost impossible to recover.

Report Scams

If you receive a phone call threatening arrest for a Tax Warrant, please hang up and call the Department of Revenue at 317-232-2165 or the Sheriff's Office Tax Warrant Division at 812-265-8900, ext. 2105 to verify a warrant. While delinquent taxes may lead to an arrest warrant at some point if unpaid, a Tax Warrant itself is not cause for arrest.