Compliments & Complaints

Commending Superior Performance

If you wish to commend the actions of any Jefferson County Sheriff's Office employee, you can visit or call the Sheriff's Office and ask to speak to a Sheriff, or write us a letter anytime. When commending an employee, try to remember the name of the deputy or other employee, and the circumstances of how you were helped. Commendations received by the Sheriff will result in advising the employee of your gratitude and in permanently recording his/her actions and your appreciation in the employee's personnel file. An awards committee reviews all reports of outstanding performance and an appropriate award may follow.

Complaint Procedures

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office is committed to providing the most professional law enforcement services to the citizens we serve. The Sheriff's Office recognizes that its employees are responsible to the public for their conduct. At certain times a conflict may exist between a citizen and a member of the agency in the performance of his / her duties. Members of the public must be advised that if they feel an employee acts unjustly or they disagree with an agency policy that they should bring the matter to the attention of the agency. A citizen's complaint can be registered in two ways.


  • Come to the front lobby of the sheriff's office and ask to speak to the Sheriff
  • Monday through Friday
  • 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.


Complaints can be made in writing by addressing them to:

Jefferson County Sheriff's Office
Sheriff David Thomas
317 Walnut Street
Madison, IN 47250

Submitting a Complaint

Download a copy of our Citizen Complaint Form (PDF) then submit it:

  • By Phone - You can initiate a complaint via phone by calling 812-265-8900, ext. 2101
  • By Email - You can initiate a complaint via email by completing the "Citizens Complaint" form and emailing it to Sheriff David Thomas
  • Anonymous - You can initiate a complaint by remaining anonymous. This can be done by the means listed above and not providing your personal information.