K-9 Teams

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office currently has one canine team:



Handler: Laura Pickel

Kuno, is an imported Belgian Malinois trained by Conifer Canine LLC in Spencer, Indiana. 

Kuno and his handler are dual certified, in Narcotics Detection, Article Searches, Trailing, and Apprehension. 

Kuno was purchased by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office in August 2022. 

Responding to Calls

In addition to taking regular calls for service, the Canine Unit responds to calls where a canine is or may be needed including:

  • Burglaries
  • Crimes in progress
  • Missing/lost persons
  • Narcotic investigations
  • Other calls where a criminal suspect has fled the scene and canine deployment is suited
  • Robberies
  • Vehicular and foot pursuits

Canine Service

The canines will stay in-service until either age or a medical condition would dictate otherwise. All of the canines reside with their respective handlers. The Sheriff's Office provides the necessary equipment to house the canine in a secure environment at the handler's residence. This assists the team with bonding, allows for constant supervision and care (including daily interaction to check for health issues, etc.), allows for a quick response when a team is requested and not on duty, and prevents the Sheriff's Office from having to kennel the canines. Upon retirement of the canine, generally the handler will apply to adopt their assigned canine from the county.