The mission of Jefferson County 911 Communications is to provide, maintain, improve and upgrade 911 emergency call - taking and dispatch services in Jefferson County by utilizing the most modern equipment and technology available.

Responsibilities and Services

  • Provide public safety call taking and dispatch services without interruption, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week
  • Assign addresses in accordance with Jefferson County Ordinance Ordinance 1993-2 in an efficient and convenient manner
  • Provide public service information to the community and emergency response agencies regarding 911 issues
  • Provide training and quality assurance services
  • Coordinate maintenance for the Jefferson County communications tower and all public safety radio repeaters
  • Provide and maintain a computer aided dispatch (CAD) system for all public safety dispatchers
  • Provide and maintain a 911 call recording system
  • Co-ordinate with the Jefferson County Information Technology Director to purchase, maintain, and upgrade computer workstations, servers, and other information technology used by 911


  • Maintain a comprehensive, interoperable communication system.
  • Adapt the highest level of information technology to be provided to the users in a computer aided dispatch (CAD) system.
  • Enhance staff expertise, competency and professionalism.
  • Provide citizens, the business community, and County staff with convenient access to appropriate information and services through technology.
  • Provide vision, leadership, and a framework for emerging technology, and implement proven information systems to support public safety responders.