The court has ordered me to submit to random testing. How will I be tested?

All clients are subject to urine drug screens while under the supervision of the Probation Department. Every day of your supervision you will call an automated drug screen line that will inform you if you need to report to Court Services to provide a drug screen urine sample.  It is expected that all clients will be randomly screened on a regular basis. The Probation Department conducts urine drug screens in accordance with industry standards and follows a very strict chain of custody. A Probation Department employee observes all screens. The urine specimens may be tested by a certified laboratory, and the probationer is expected to pay for a portion of the costs of the testing. Specimens are screened for the presence of alcohol and various drugs. 

Failure to call the drug screen line, submit to the testing or a positive test result can result in a violation of probation. Drug tests cost $5.00 for an instant test and $25 if the test needs to be confirmed by the certified laboratory. These prices are subject to change.   Please consult your probation officer for the most current costs.

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