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Nov 28

Help Jefferson County Challenge the Feds!

Posted on November 28, 2022 at 11:07 AM by Erica Cline

The FCC has created a map that displays where Internet services are available, but guess what?  It is highly flawed!  Please help yourself and your community by challenging this incorrect data.  The window for this opportunity is quickly approaching!  Here is how you can dispute reported coverage as part of a challenging process: 

1. Through a location challenge that asks users for their information to verify that a location has been incorrectly identified on the map, either service-wise or location-wise. 

2. Through an availability challenge, which allows users to challenge if a provider is actually servicing a particular location.


Availability: Availability Challenges can correct the information on the map about the services reported by ISPs as being available.

Challenges can be based on several reasons, including that the provider denied a request for service, demanded excessive connection fees, or failed to schedule an installation within 10 business days of a request.

Once a challenge is filed, providers are required to review the challenge and either concede or dispute it.??The provider is expected to communicate and work directly with you to resolve any challenges that it does not initially concede.??If a provider either concedes a challenge or fails to rebut it, the challenged services will no longer show as available for that location on the FCC’s maps. If a provider disputes a challenge, then the FCC will decide the challenge. If decided in your favor, then the service provider must update its information so that the location is not shown as served by the provider on the FCC’s maps.


Location:  If your location is missing or inaccurately reflected on the map, you may submit a Location Challenge to correct or add the location. The link to correct information on an existing location is to the right of the address on the map. You can add a location by clicking on the place on the map where the location should be and then click the “Location Challenge” button. 

location challenge

Read the FCC Press Release HERE.

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