Circuit & Superior Courts

Court Cases

The Courts exclusively handle the following types of cases, although there are occasionally exceptions:

Circuit Court

  • Criminal, involving Murder and Level 1-4 felonies
  • Child in Need of Services (CHINS)
  • Juvenile
  • Mental Health
  • Probate
  • Paternity
  • cases for which the Prosecuting Attorney's IV-D office (child support) has entered an appearance

Superior Court

  • Criminal, involving misdemeanor and Level 5-6 felonies
  • Small Claims
  • Eviction, where the damages alleged are $10,000.00 or less
  • Infractions (traffic and other non-criminal offenses)
  • Cases committed to Drug Court

All other case types may be filed in either Court. 

For more information about caseload allocation, see the link for the Local Rules and navigate to LR 39-AR-1-AD-7.


Court staff are not permitted or qualified to give legal advice nor answer most questions.

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