Gravel Road Conversion Program

The Jefferson County transportation network includes over 125 miles of gravel roadways and the County would like to initiate a program to improve some of these roadways. 

The Gravel Road Conversion Program will begin in 2020 but the County will begin taking applications for possible conversion candidates this year. A formal application process has been developed to help the Highway Department and the Board of Commissioners select the best candidates to improve the surface roadways. By using a formal application process, we will calculate a roadway "conversion score" based on several criteria that is considered important to evaluate when considering hard surfacing a roadway. 

How to Begin

The application will require an initial applicant to fill out the Application to Initiate the Conversion Selection Process. The applicant must gather all accurate data necessary to develop a road conversion score based on the criteria on the form. The initiating applicant will also be asked to serve as the primary point of contact between all land owners on the roadway and the Jefferson County Highway Department and/or the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners. As the primary point of contact, the applicant will be asked to communicate with and distribute information to the property owners during the project. The applicant must provide an email on the application. Only one road per application.

Getting Support from Land Owners 

The best way to increase a project’s score is by gathering support from all adjacent land owners. The Land Owner Petition Form has been developed to assist the primary point of contact in gathering written support for the project. The petition form asks each land owner to answer several questions, which will have a direct impact on a project’s score to convert the roadway. The Land Owner Petition Form must be filled out by the deeded owner. You can check ownership of properties by visiting the Jefferson County GIS map or contacting the Assessor’s Office. 

FORMS ARE DUE JUNE 1, 2022 BY 3PM to the Jefferson County Highway Department, 3135 Clifty Drive.

***Because this is a new program for Jefferson County, we expect to make improvements throughout the Conversion Process. If any changes are made, the primary point of contact will be notified by email.  If there are items on the forms that you are unsure of, please fill the forms out the best you can and email any questions to the highway department.