Adult Immunizations

Recommended Vaccines for ADULTS ages 19 and older

19 - 26 HPV (3 doses)
  Tdap (every 10 years)*
Age 60+ Prevnar 13
  Pneumococcal 23
  Shingles Vaccine
  Tdap (every 10 years)
*Pregnant women should get a Tdap Vaccine during the 3rd Trimester of each pregnancy to help protect their babies from whooping cough
​The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that all adults get a flu vaccine every year.

Adult Vaccines Available

Hep A Hep B HPV
Meningococcal MMR Tdap
Varicella Tetanus Influenza
These are Vaccines you may need depending on risk factors such as your job, travel, and/or previous vaccinations.
Free Vaccine is available for those who do not have health insurance.
​The Jefferson County Health Department accepts most private health insurance or you may pay cash.  Please call for further information.