Well Abandonment

If a well is to be abandoned, it must be properly sealed to restore, as far as possible, the hydrologic conditions that existed before the well was drilled. An improperly abandoned well is an uncontrolled invasion point for contaminated water. Unsealed wells are a hazard to public health, safety, welfare, and to the preservation of our groundwater resource. 

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources addresses proper well abandonment in its Rule 312 IAC 13-10.

Sealing Wells

Sealing of wells presents a number of problems, dependent on construction of the well, the geological formations it penetrates, and hydrologic conditions. A properly sealed water well will:

  • Eliminate the physical hazard
  • Prevent groundwater contamination
  • Conserve the aquifer's yield
  • Maintain the aquifer's hydrostatic head
  • Prevent intermingling of waters when more than one aquifer is involved.